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Classy and elegant, Grande Hotel do Porto is hardly unrecognizable in the Santa Catarina Street. A historical place in Porto's downtown.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, but winter is coming. Why don't you just let us present you five of the best places to warm your hands while tasting some hot sweet chocolate?

Moov Hotel Porto Centro, Porto Check-In, Águia D’ouro, Art Deco, Cinema,

It is called Moov Hotel Porto Centro and is located in the centennial building of the old Águia D'oro cinema.
Digby Restaurant

Digby Restaurant shares its space with the Hotel Torel Avant Garde and opened this year in the center of Porto, now opening for the first time on Christmas night with a menu to measure.

The five-star hotel is distinguished by the English Luxury Travel Guide.

At the very end of the Aliados Avenue, the Intercontinental Hotel - Palácio das Cardosas stands out with its grandiosity. The majestic entrance welcomes you to a new world within the city.

It was announced on November 21 by the Institute of Douro and Port Wines (IVDP) the balance of the harvests of 2017, in the Demarcated Region of Douro and based in Peso da Régua.
Vila Galé Porto Ribeira

Garage, laundry, access for people with reduced mobility and reception 24 hours are other services available at Vila Galé Porto Ribeira.
It is a recent space in the city of Porto and is a mixture of shop with coffee, with biological products, mostly national.
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The Mustache Café has been undergoing refurbishment since November 12. The intervention is expected to last between two to three weeks.

A chapel where you can drink wine while listening to jazz, blues and bossa nova? Yes it does exist, it's called Capela Incomum in Porto, an old chapel that has been transformed into a wine bar.

Piadona, Porto, La Piadona,

"La Piadona" is the name of the new Italian restaurant in centre of Porto. With fresh ingredientes of High quality, the main goal is to  make the clients feel like they are in Italy.
InSitu Living

In the heart of Porto, with a rating of 10 points in Booking and with doors open since August, the renovated apartments InSitu Living - Lifestyle Mesanine Apartment came to stay and score.
Vegetariano, Vegano, Porto Tasty

For those looking for spaces with vegetarian options, get to know that the offer is increasing and more diversified. Porto Tasty has selected seven vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Porto.
When wandering around in Porto, you may see a lot of steaming in the crowded streets. Well, that's because we're roasting some chestnuts, ready for Magusto!
Located in the heart of the city of Porto and surrounded by centuries-old trees, Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa is the hotel that teaches you to be environmentally friendly.

Muu Steakhouse

From the entrees with “Bacalhau no País das Maravilhas” to "Costeletão Maturado" or "“Bife de Atum”, Muu came to give life to steakhouses in Porto.

Italian food has come to Porto for some time. In this list, we contemplate the five Italian restaurants with best quotation on TripAdvisor.
Luís Gradíssimo, WINE FEST PORTO, wine fest,

In all, 33 wine producers and more than 300 wines from 11 Portuguese regions will be represented.

Arcádia is about to get two new stores in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. The chocolate brand is renewing its sweet image and expanding to the ice-cream market. 

The Japanese food has conquered the Port and the places to taste this specialty are varied. For lovers of the dish we leave here some suggestions to satiate what they like.
Pão de Açúcar Hotel

As well as being a veritable showroom of old 1970's bumper cars, the Pão de Açúcar Hotel still has original pieces from different times of the twentieth century.
news hotel crown plaza porto

The InterContinental Hotels Group hotel has been undergoing refurbishment since 2015. Work has been phased in and the hotel informed that it is the restaurant's turn of being completely renovated.

With an ideal location and with an even better menu, at Backson's Fine Burgers and Mussels in Miragaia you can find burgers, mussels and much more.

It's called Brooklyn the new craft beer coming to the Portuguese market. In Portugal, will be distributed by Unicer, holder of brands such as Super Bock or Água das Pedras. 

Port Wine is for sure the city's best gift to anyone who visits it. Quinta do Crasto makes sure it tastes even better with the perfect cheese nearby.

The Vila Galé Porto Ribeira hotel stands right in front of the Douro River and has the theme painting. It is a hotel aimed at people over 16 years and designed for couples.

Negra Café

The Negra Café is hosting, on the 12th of October, at 9.30 pm the III Night of Sociology organized by Núcleo de Alunos de Sociologia do Porto (NASP).

Find out which are the restaurants with the best rating on the food recommendation website Zomato.
Pastry, Healthy, Fit, Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal

Matosinhos has since August a pastry shop dedicated to making you healthier. Here you can try various types of pastries all with 70% less sugar.
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The Hotel Teatro, presented in the same place as the previous Theater Baquet, recreates the typical scenery of Porto's culture. The idea was to recreate a theater inside a lodge.
The Bierhaus is the new space of the group The Gin House and is dedicated to the segment of beers with a focus on crafts and Portuguese.

Right in the heart of the city, Honolulu Coffee has landed with all the hawaiian flavors. With the famous poke bowls, the place serves also brunches, meals, desserts and a whole array of mouthwatering options.
It, It movie, It filme,

We already knew that the pancake was the queen of the house, but we didn't know it had one inspired by the horror film It.

When it comes to sea tradition, Portugal has to be one of the world leaders. The shore is the preferred scenario to Sea Porto Hotel, the new 4 stars deal in Matosinhos.

Urban Cicle Café, Bike Café, Porto, Portugal, Português, Easy Cicle, Brunch,

It opened in 2013 and is part of the Mercado Bom Sucesso zone. It was the first cycle-cafe to be inaugurated in the city of Porto.

The 10th Tapas Route is back to Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Faro, having started last September 21 and is running until October 8.

Because not everyone has the type of dedication to try the 25 restaurants in Tapas Route, we picked the 6 where you should go first.
cereal porto café, cereals,  sweets with cereals, porto, gastronomy of porto

Porto has a new store for grain lovers. Cereal Porto Café has already opened and has a very varied offer in the area of ​​cereals.
Rodízio All You Can Eat, Sushi, Sushisan, Sushisan Porto

The "all sushi you can eat" policy is one of the characteristics of Sushisan, which will leave you with mouth watering

The Crowne Plaza hotel has set up an urban vegetable garden on its terrace aiming to offer healthier meals and contribut to a more sustainable city.

Porto will be having a Francesinha event once again. But this time, the renewed "Tascas na Baixa" food festival brings a lot more to the table.
Brunch is no longer an exclusive Sunday meal. In buffet or a la carte mode, the meal is now served on Saturdays, holidays and even on weekdays in many places in the city.

It is one of the favorite places to hold academic dinners and lunches, birthdays and group dinners. The restaurant Lusíada now reopens doors in a new address.
Zenith Lounge

Did ever think about seeing the sunset trough a panoramic view above Porto and Rio Douro? Near the beach and Serralves Museum, the HF Ipanema Park has one of the most privileged views of the city.
Mercado Beira-Rio, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal

Mercado Municipal Beira-Rio reopens its doors on September 13th with a concept that joins modern cuisine with the sale of fresh produce.
The Levare restaurant, located in Praça da Batalha, has two floors and it is also the space where they brew the beer. In total, there are five different beers: Witbier, Special, American IPA, Brown Porter, and Lager.

Have you ever imagined yourself on board a classic car in Alto Douro Vinhateiro, in the middle of October, with the person you love the most? It may be possible.
Zenith - Brunch & Cocktails Bar

The guarantee is given by themselves on social networks. Zenith - Brunch & Cocktails Bar, already known for its brunches and cocktails, is offering free brunches to anyone using the #zenithporto hashtag.
Urban Garden Porto Central Hostel

With a score of 9.5, considered as exceptional and with more than 250 comments on Booking, Urban Garden Porto Central Hostel reveals to be a modern space, with quality and with enough comfort.