Porto Tasty: 4 Port wine cellars that you should visit

4 Port wine cellars that you should visit

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Porto Tasty gives you a guide of the 4 wine cellars that you must visit in the city of Porto.

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It is one of the largest cellars and best in terms of parking, since it is located in Vila Nova de Gaia this factor can be stressful. It has a very informative and quite guided tour, crossing one of the oldest and most beautiful cellars.

It is most advisable if you just have time to visit one of the wine cellars. The price of the entrance includes a proof of a Ruby wine and a Tear wine.

Price: 5 €
Summer timetable: 10.00 a.m to 12.30a.m e 2.00a.m to 6.00p.m (open everyday)

Ramos Pinto

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Firstly, Ramos Pinto has a very interesting 19th century building, with a very particular structure, which ends up being the protagonist.

It is highly recommended for those who are interested in the history of Port wine, since it's its main attraction this cellar.

Price of the visit: € 2
Summer timetable: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (open every day)

Wiese & Krohn

Foto: http://www.cavesvinhodoporto.com
Although it is not within the "tour of fame of the cellars" in Vila Nova de Gaia, it is one of the most recommended. It is a basement of the early twentieth century. It has the particular aspect of presenting large cement decanters instead of wood, so it is not one of the most appealing.

However, it is the basement with the best Port wine from the ones thar are near the river. Their wines, are sold in the basement, are priced cheaply and it is recommended to buy as they will not be easy to find.

Price of the visit: Free, tasting included
Summer timetable: 10.00a.m to 20.00p.m every day


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It is located in an old farmhouse, which recalls the farms of the riverside, where the vineyards are found and the wine is produced.

The guided tour is very complete and the shop has affordable prices. The tasting includes 3 or 4 wines and usually includes Port Tawny wine.

Price of the visit: 5 €
Summer timetable: 10.00a.m to 6.00p.m (per week), from 10.00a.m to 5.00p.m (weekend)

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