Porto Tasty: 5 places where you can drink craft beer in Porto

5 places where you can drink craft beer in Porto

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Beer is something that has been a part of Portuguese life for many years. Brands like Superbock and Sagres are the queens of the Portuguese beer market, however the consumption of craft beer in Portugal has been increasing.

Right now craft beer is very trendy and Porto is not indifferent to it. Porto Tasty collected some of the places where you can taste this drink.


This was the first space dedicated to craft beer in Porto. Most of the beers on the menu are Portuguese, such as Passarola, Burguesa among others. Here you can also enjoy some snacks such as cheese and meat boards.

Adress: Rua de Cedofeita, 256, Porto
Phone: 934 360 070
Schedule: 4pm-12am. Friday's and saturdays 4pm-2am. Closed on sunday's.

Letraria - Craft Beer Garden

Considered the largest space dedicated to craft beer in the country, Letraria, opens its doors on March 17. Here it will be possible to savor the combination of craft beer and Portuguese gastronomy. Letraria also offers the possibility to buy bottles or cans, so you can take the beer home with you. In addition to the brand Letra they will also sell other brands of national and international craft beer.

Adress: Rua da Alegria, 101, Porto
Phone: 939 348 069
Schedule: Monday's, wednesday's and thurday's 5pm-12am. Saturday 5pm-2am. Sunday 4pm-11pm. Colsed on tuesday's.

Restaurante Celta Endovélico

In this restaurant you can taste ciders, mead and several craft beers, among them Sovina (created and produced in Porto). In addition to these drinks you can enjoy dishes that result from the fusion of Celtic culture and Portuguese culture. In this restaurant there are also thematic dinners and workshops.

Adress: Rua do Bonjardim, 680, Porto
Phone: 968 306 830
Schedule: 5:30pm-11:30pm. Saturday's and friday's 5:30pm-1am. Closed on sunday's.

Despite being known for its hamburgers Real Hamburger does not just work as a restaurant. Here there is also a grocery store where you can buy various products, among them are Portuguese handmade beers. The beers available are: Vadia, Letra, Sovina and Toira.

Adress: Rua da Torrinha, 134, Porto
Phone: 222 011 930
Schedule: 12pm-11pm. Closed on sunday's.

Café Candelabro

This space is in an old bookstore and its essence is maintained until today. At Café Candelabro they still sell and buy books, it functions as a café-bookstore. Here you can enjoy the amabience and among other drinks the craft beers.

Adress: Rua da Conceição, 3, Porto
Schedule: 10:30am-2am. Saturday and sunday 6pm-2am.

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