Porto Tasty: A bakery with healthy recipes and with very little sugar

A bakery with healthy recipes and with very little sugar

It is in Campanhã that stands Moment'Um, a bakery-cafeteria-restaurant with healthy recipes, opened just over a year ago.

The place offers lactose-free cream pastries, croissants with only 25% of the usual fat and no milk or eggs or baked Berlin balls in the oven. In addition, Moment'Um offers breads and hot dishes, like the francesinha in a wood-fired oven, served on carrot bread and with a slowly cooked sauce.

If you prefer to have lunch or dinner, the bakery also has traditional dishes such as soups, cod with grain, chicken, roast loin, risotto or vegetable couscuz, among the four daily vegetarian options.

In order to value the traditional process of doing things, always keeping in mind the creation of healthy alternatives, but with a familiar and recognizable touch, the owner of the space uses a wood-fired oven that is lit up during the 16 hours in which the space is open.

ADRESS Rua da Estação, 82 Porto
TELEPHONE 225108582
HOURS Every day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 
Foto: Moment´Um

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