Porto Tasty: Anthony Bourdain visits Porto for the second time

Anthony Bourdain visits Porto for the second time

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On a discreet visit to Porto, to produce a new episode of his series, Anthony Bourdain was in direct contact with the typical gastronomy of Porto. 

A few days after Porto was considered 2017 Europe’s Best Destination, the renowned North American chef Anthony Bourdain visited Porto for the second time for two days. The various moments of his coming to Portugal range from the lamprey hunt, lunch at a fisherman’s house, the traditional “tripas à moda do Porto”, one of the oldest seafood restaurants of Matosinhos to a brewery. This short visit will result in an episode for CNN’s “Parts Unknown” series.

Hunting the Lamprey 

While visiting Porto, Anthony Bourdain, took advantage of the good weather to go hunting for lamprey with the fishermen of Lordelo do Ouro. After that, at the initiative of the chef himself, there was still time to have lunch at one of the fisherman’s house.

Martinho’s Kitchen 

Continuing his visit, Bourdain went to “A Cozinha do Martinho”, an establishment with more than 50 years of history, to taste and introduce one of the most typical dish that fascinated him so much: “Tripas à Moda do Porto”. When those working in the restaurant heard the news of Anthony’s visit, they were surprised, but in the end, they said they were happy to have the visit of “the best chef in the world.”  

The oldest seafood restaurant of Matosinhos

The chef’s visit did not end here. He then went to a seafood restaurant in Matosinhos, which is already accustomed to receiving big stars, but per the staff he loved the seafood that he tasted. 

Snack-Bar Gazela 

Finally, Bourdain had the chance to visit, a brewery that specializes in the famous “cachorrinhos”, located near Teatro São João since 1961.

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