Porto Tasty: Downtown Porto is going to have a brewery

Downtown Porto is going to have a brewery

Downtown Porto brewery Beer Craft Restaurant Oporto Portugal

The brewery Fábrica das Cervejas Portuenses is about to open in downtown Porto. It includes a restaurant, a bar and a shop, all three dedicated to northern Portugal's cuisine.

The project began in 2016 and it’s based on the concept of being able to drink beer where it is produced. Tiago Talone and Pedro Mota point to an investment of 3 million euros. This was possible thanks to the entry of about a dozen investors.

Production was scheduled to begin last year during the summer, but due to some delays the works will only be completed in April. The name and logo of the beer remain a mystery, but its author, a brewmaster, is already known, her name is Diana Canas.

For the production of these drinks, the ingredients come from Germany, where Diana learned how to brew beer. Although the ingredients do not come from the country, the goal is for the products to have a strong Porto identity.

About 50 to 60 people will work in the brewery and intend to produce about two million liters of beer a year, a figure above the brands of craft beer.

The building is located in Sá da Bandeira Street. It’s in the bar and restaurant of the factory that this new product will be served. There is also the desire to sell the beer in restaurants and bars of the North region, through the direct sale of the producers. In the factory there will also be a floor dedicated to special events, with tastings of several beers and with the presence and the accompaniment of the brewery master.

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