Porto Tasty: Five products to take with you from Porto

Five products to take with you from Porto

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While visiting the city of Porto it’s certain you’ll have contact with unforgettable landscapes, good people and tasty food. Carrying with you everything that Porto offers may not be enough and it’s even impossible.

Therefore, it is inevitable not to want to take home a small piece of this city and the good news is that it is possible! You can take some of the items of the gastronomy of Porto and taste them even when you’re not in Porto. So, open your bags and check out five products that you can take with you from here:

Port Wine
With a naturally sweet taste, Port wine is distinguished by its higher alcohol content and its incomplete fermentation. For those who visit the city of Porto, it is possible to take some bottles with you. Take some precautions with regard to airline standards, regarding the transportation of beverages.

Francesinha sauce
Once you have tasted this delicacy and know a bit more about its history, how about taking such a characteristic sauce home? It is available in small bottles at any supermarket in the city. Due to its unique taste and preparation, it becomes difficult to copy a dish like this, but nothing like reminiscing the days in Porto. And, yes, it is possible to create recipes and make them even tastier with this sauce.

São João’s Cake
A typical cake like the one people eat during the holiday São João. It should not be restricted to this time and place. How about taking some of São João’'s cakes home and showing your friends and family this marvel of Porto? You can find this cake in any pastry shop and there is nothing that a good packaging does not conserve.

Papo de Anjo
Like the São João's cake, Papos de Anjo are famous sweets that you can not miss. If you have the suitcase full and prefer not to take them, you can also prepare them at home as they are easy to produce and the recipe is available on various websites.

Pastel de Nata
This sweet, is more difficult to reproduce, since it takes puff pastry in its recipe. So do not hesitate to take at least one box of pastéis de nata to offer your friends, after all, good things need to be shared.

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