Porto Tasty: Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is the best in Europe

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is the best in Europe

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport best in Europe Travel Oporto Porto Portugal

After winning Best European Destination 2017, the city of Porto receives another distinction. Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport was considered the best in Euroe for structures with a size between 5 and 15 million passengers.

The distinction came from the Airports Council International and results from the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) study, which assessed passenger satisfaction. The award was received during the 2016 Airport Service Quality Awards.

The study was based on questionnaires that were completed by passengers who evaluated 34 categories, such as the services offered by airports at the level of waiting times, courtesy of staff, cleanliness of facilities, comfort, among others.

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport was also voted the third best in Europe in the category of airports with more than two million passengers.

To all those who are passing through and want to taste typical Portuguese food without leaving the airport, Porto Tasty recommends:

“A Francesinha”: this is a restaurant specialized in the confection of this delicacy very well-known of the city of Porto.

“Douro”: here you will have the opportunity to taste the flavors and the tradition of Portuguese gastronomy.

“La Pausa”: this is the ideal space to enjoy a more exquisite meal.

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