Porto Tasty: Porto's Tradition: Tripas à Moda do Porto

Porto's Tradition: Tripas à Moda do Porto

Nowadays, Tripas à Moda do Porto is a typical dish of the city of Porto. However, its origin is older and dates back to the Age of Discovery.

History tells us that on the banks of the river Douro in 1415 the ships that would take the Portuguese to the conquest of Ceuta were being built. Infante D. Henrique, in ascertaining the construction work, was a little worried because the sailors needed provisions to execute their functions properly.

He asked the inhabitants of the city to bring all kinds of food. Together, they delivered to the sailors all the meats of the city, the only thing left for to cook for the inhabitants were the leftovers, the guts.

To invent a way to cook the guts, Porto's inhabitants, created the dish "Tripas à moda do Porto" that would eventually give them nickname of tripeiros.

The recipe that lasts until today is made with several types of meats, guts, sausages and white beans.

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