Porto Tasty: The 5 dishes you must taste in Porto

The 5 dishes you must taste in Porto

Chosen in 2017 for the third time as the best European destination by European Best Destinations, Porto does not only impress by the beauty of its landscapes and the aroma of its wines, but also by its charming gastronomy. 

Among the influences of the typical dishes of the country, there are some that were genuinely made in Porto. Some of these are gathered in this short list, containing the flavors that you must try while visiting this beautiful city:

Francesinha Oporto Porto Portugal Gastronomy Food Traditional Dish 1 – Francesinha:  

Famous for the characteristic taste of its sauce, the dish usually contains bread, steak, sausage, fresh sausage, ham, and cheese. There is also the possibility of adding fried egg and fries. You can know more about the dish in our post: Porto’s Tradition: Francesinha.

Tripas à moda do Porto Oporto Portugal Gastronomy Food Traditional Dish

2 – Tripas à moda do Porto: 

Made with beans and various types of meat, the dish is enjoyed with plenty of seasoning and served hot. Its more traditional recipe carries veal guts, beef chorizo, bacon or ham, salpicão, pork head, chicken, lard, beans, vegetables and various seasonings.

Bacalhau Codfish Oporto Portugal Gastronomy Food Traditional Dish

3 – Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá: 

Like most Portuguese dishes, Porto’s gastronomy is also notable for the presence of fish, essentially cod. This fish gained a special recipe in the city of Porto, which spread throughout the country, Bacalhau (cod) à Gomes de Sá. This is prepared with eggs, potatoes, onions, and black olives.

Caldo Verde Soup Oporto Portugal Gastronomy Food Traditional Dish

4 – Caldo Verde: 

This is s recipe from the Minho region that conquered Porto. It even enchanted the greatest poets in Portuguese history, such as Eça de Queiroz and Fernando Pessoa, who talked about this delicious soup. It has a characteristic flavor, being prepared with potatoes, cauliflower and accompanied by chorizo and olive oil. It is also very typical of the feasts of St. John.

Papo de Anjo Dessert Sweet Porto Oporto Portugal Gastronomy Food Traditional Dish

5 – Papo de Anjo: 

Finally, of course, comes the dessert. Traditionally produced in Portuguese convents, this sweet is made with egg yolk and sugar and served with sweet syrup. Perfect with a goblet of Port wine to accompany.

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