Porto Tasty: A new house of snacks in Porto

A new house of snacks in Porto

The Carmelita Bistrô located next to the Sé of Porto has given way to a new space dedicated to the gastronomy of Porto - "Cantinho na Sé".

The old Carmelita served regional sweets like the well-known Pastéis de Chaves, but now the objective of the Cantinho is to move away from the commercial pastry and get closer to the local gastronomy.

Since its opening, this space welcomes and serves more foreigners than Portuguese because tourists are curious to taste new things, traditional Portuguese food.

There is also another place, Cantinho de Baião, which serves complete dishes and it's this place that is going to prepare the food that will be served in the Cantinho da Sé, in Porto.

The owner of this restaurant also preferred to keep the decoration and the concept of the Cantinho da Sé identical to the previous house preserving some regional elements and removing only some paintings and changing the layout of the room.

This establishment is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and has room for 40 people.
What you can eat in the new Cantinho da Sé:


Hake Pataniscas / Codfish cake with Serra cheese (4,5€)

Octopus (12€)

Tripas à Moda do Porto (7€)

Roasted Lamb (14€)

In addition, the restaurant has a dish of the day (€ 7.5) which includes:

Lamb, Grilled Steak, Tripas à Moda do Porto
It also includes desserts like: crème brulée, "sonhos" and french toast.


Homemade cakes (2,5€ a slice)

Muffins (2,5€)

Queijadinhas (1,85€)

Tentúgal Pastels (1,5€)

Pão de ló (3€)

The inauguration of Cantinho na Sé happened on February 1st and the focus of this restaurant is traditional delicacies and snacks.

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