Porto Tasty: Armazém da Cerveja: for sunny and rainy days

Armazém da Cerveja: for sunny and rainy days

Between lights, alternative rock and good vibe, this place is born to serve a variety of international beers.
The décor of this brewery is unique for three reasons: its vintage paintings with drawings of different beers, a main façade inside the grounds (a graffity in shades of lilac and purple) and the esplanade.

However, we can not forget other elements that remind us that we are in an authentic house of craft beer: on entering, it has a small beer warehouse, in the center the wooden bar and, at the end, the comfort zone with tables and wood benches.

In the bar, it is inevitable not to notice the various beer taps, whose charm is in the modernity of their disposition: embedded in the wall.

In contrast to this more subtle and modern design, we find a quieter area, ideal for sharing a beer with friends.

This space is characterized by a more rustic decoration: the floor is stone and the tables and benches are square and wooden; the curtains that give to the bathroom and to the terrace are of transparent blue pvc. These give the place a familiar, cozy and informal touch. In addition, they fall to the ground without needing to have a door, a detail that reminds us of the entrance of the old taverns.

Further on we find the terrace, an ideal space for sunny days in Porto. Its charm is accentuated on pillars and wooden beams. The light from the small lamps, the large stone walls, and the wooden tables create a simple yet cozy enclosure.

Porto Tasty asks you to close your eyes and imagine one of the moments you remember with a beer in your hands. In general, we think about a meeting with friends, laughs and disconnection.

Armazém da Cerveja not only assures us moments that will become part of a memory, but also taste a lot of quality beers, both international and national, that will surprise you. We want you to enjoy this drink, as well as those who give preference to others, to dive into the world of tasting, to savor every ingredient, to discover the art of each style of beer and to enjoy its diversity.

The number 2 was our favorite: wheat flavored, a soft scent and a see through color. But if you are a dark beer lover, number 3 can convince you: belgian beer, with a dark shade and close red-ish by the light, whose final flavor is barley. 

The other two propostitions of the tasting menu were number 4 and 7. We advise them for a more daring crowd, more costumed to beer. The first is from Lisbon. Different from the last, also roasted, its intense color caught our atention. Its flavor was more bitter than number 3's and its scent similar to coffee.
Lastly, beer number 7 was a blond one like number 2. However, its flavor was more citric, the color more transparent and its scent more acid than the one before.

Schedule: de 16:00-2:00 todos os dias.
Contact: www.armazem.beer

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