Porto Tasty: Brunch is back to Astória

Brunch is back to Astória

The weekend is close by and Porto Tasty has a delicious hint for Saturday brunch. Especially because it is back to Astória, the Hotel InterContinental Porto - Cardosas Palace's restaurant.
Meals can be enjoyed on site between 12:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., in downtown Porto.

The touch of traditional Portuguese cuisine gives the dishes served the power to delight those who experience the vast menu offered by the house.

As an appetizer, the Astória offers cold dishes such as marinated salmon, duck roll with mushroom mousse, turkey breast stuffed with alheira and potato wrapped shrimp. Cheese boards are also served.

Hot dishes are also great. You can choose from vegetable soup, mini veal or poultry burgers, boiled eggs, and minced steak with caco cake with purple onion chutney.

A show cooking is also offered to visitors, who can watch the confection of scrambled eggs and omelets.

For dessert, you can choose from crepes, pancakes, homemade cakes, mini muffins, lemon cheesecake, traditional tiramisu and, of course, traditional creams.

The amount to be paid for the brunch menu is € 27.50 per person, € 15 per child between 5 and 11 years and free for those aged between 0 and 4 years (water, coffee and orange juice included, remaining Drinks a la carte).

Astória customers can leave their cars for free for two hours in the on-site parking lot.

You can check below the restaurant's menu:

Cold dishes: Selected cheese board; Marinated salmon; Duck roll with mushroom mousse; Stuffed turkey breast with alheira; Mushroom and saffron arancini, mayonnaise and roasted garlic; Roast cherry tomato crostini with basil and parmesan; Salmon ceviche with scallops; Carpaccio of grouper, celery salad; Veal Tartaro with truffled egg yolk; Chicken and chorizo ​​patties; Mini shrimp crepes with sweet chili; Shrimp in potato yarn; Serrano ham with wild arugula; Quiche Lorraine; Morcela de burgos crunchy, apple cream; Mini salad niçoise; Beets and red fruits; Caprese salad; Chicken cesar salad; Mini baked vegetable salads; Traditional powder salad; Simple salads of tomato, lettuce, cucumber, carrot

Hot dishes: Vegetable soup; Sausage; bacon; Mushrooms; Roasted tomatoes; Variety of traditional frit; Poached eggs (on request); Eggs Benedict (on request); Mini steaks with caco cake with purple onion chutney; Mini veal burgers, Portobello mushroom, bacon, cuttlefish ink mayonnaise; Mini poultry burger, grilled vegetables, and yogurt sauce; Starry Eggs (on request)

Showcooking: Scrambled eggs (tomato, thin herbs, asparagus, cheese, ham, mushrooms, onion) Various omelets (tomato, thin herbs, asparagus, cheese, ham, mushrooms, onion)

Pastry: Crepes and pancakes (chefandiz); Traditional sweets and jams; Chocolate sauce, syrup maple; Fruit smoothies (shot glasses); Homemade cake; Laminated fruit, Fruit salad, Variety of yogurts; Viennoiserie; Petit fours varied; Variety of mini muffins; Variety of Cereals; Variety of bread; Lemon Cheesecake; Traditional Tiramisu; Wafer cake; Marquise Chocolate; Yucca and vanilla sandwich; Cream pastries; Bee sting cake; Muggles Eggs.

Reservations can be made through the email restaurante.astoria@ihg.com or by phone: 220 035 600.

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