Porto Tasty: Castelo Caffe: cocktails for all tastes

Castelo Caffe: cocktails for all tastes

Sexy, Spicy, Sweet, Fresh e Deep: a cockatil for each sensation and all of them produces wiyh Port wine. That's the idea of Castelo Caffe, which is at the same time a café and a bar.

Located in Almada' Street, in the heart of Porto, the bar was inaugurated in 2014, aiming to be a welcoming place where you can relax after work. Castelo has a somewhat rustic decoration and tasteful music.

According to one of the bar's managers, the objective is to satisfy everyone's needs. "We serve coffee and tea, but we also have a happy hour menu", explains.
There is also an outdoor space, where normally people get comfortable and enjoy cocktails during the summer.
You can taste drinks like “Sexy”, made with rosé wine, mint and tangerine. On the other hand there's also "Spicy", made withsweet white wine, pepper and strawberry.
“Sweet” is made with tawny wine, orange and cinnamon, while "Fresh", has it's own name suggests, is refreshing by being prepared with dry white wine, lemon and mint. Lastly, "Deep" is made with ruby wine and strawberry.

Each of these drinks costs 5‎€. Besides, Castelo Caffe also serves spirits, like whisky and gin.
Address: Rua do Almada, 315, Porto
Opening time: Monday to Saturday - 11:00h till 02:00h

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