Porto Tasty: Contest w/Catraio: prizes delivery

Contest w/Catraio: prizes delivery

The prizes' delivery took place yesterday's afternoon, at Catraio, at Cedofeita's street, where the great contest winners were welcomed.

Gabriel Gonçalves, winner, and Ricardo Queirós, owner of Catraio.
Gabriel Gonçalves and Evelin Bignotti were welcomed by Porto Tasty's team, that made the whole process as comfortoble and efficient as posible. The owners of the brewery also showed their predisposition, explaining all of the types of beer.

Ricardo Queirós, prepararing the tastings for the winners. 

Different kinds of craft beer were given for tasting, from the stout to the blond. The winners expressed their opinion on each of them to Porto Tasty, as you can confirm here.

The different kinds of beer given for tasting.

Evelin Bignotti and her friend.
In the end, both of the winners joined along with their guests and Porto Tasty's team, giving place to a well-spent saturday afternoon.

The winners joined together and proceeded woth the tastings.
To get to know more about Catraio - Craft Beer Shop, you can read the article Catraio: a point of reference in craft beer in Porto.

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