Porto Tasty: Convívio Restaurant: How do they make the best Francesinha?

Convívio Restaurant: How do they make the best Francesinha?

Francesinha was considered by AOL Travel as one of the ten best sandwiches in the world. You can try this dish mostly anywhere in Porto, from Baixa to Vila do Conde.

However, Convívio Restaurante was distinguished by their products quality and, most of all, by the confection of several Portuguese dishes, including the famous Francesinha.

Porto Tasty did not miss the opportunity to interview Convivio Restaurant's chef. Chef Sá, who has been the chef of this restaurant for 39 years, has revealed the secret for success of one of the best Francesinha in the city of Porto.


Bread of form or Bijou bread (the traditional one);
Sausage and fresh sausage
Flamengo Cheese

Sauce: The Secret

Chef Sá reinforced the idea that "The difference is in the sauce!". Every other ingredient in the Francesinha is the same in every house. The first step to a sauce like Convivio’s is the preparation of a squeeze with onion, garlic, laurel, pork, and parsley. All this watered by oil. Then add flour, water, white wine, tomato paste, salt, piri-piri and the secret ingredient - English sauce. "This is the secret of our sauce," he revealed in a wave of smiles. However, the sauce must be made in the day, added the chef.

As a conclusion, the chef confessed to Porto Tasty that, despite being the exclusive cook of the dish - or rather, the master of this delicacy - he never ate a Francesinha.

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