Porto Tasty: Five places to eat delicious burgers in downtown Porto

Five places to eat delicious burgers in downtown Porto

A good burger does not hurt anyone. On the contrary. And this is not lacking in Porto. Check out five hamburger restaurants that burger lovers should go to in downtown Porto.

Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa

Cozy and tastefully decorated, Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa is famous for its refined dishes and the low price paid for them. The decoration of the place is interactive: red lamps hanging above each table serve to request service.

Made with typical and traditional Portuguese ingredients, the hamburgers have prices ranging between 5 and 8.50 €. There is even a choice of vegetarian burgers and salad dishes.

Address: Rua da Torrinha, 134
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Hamburgueria da Praça

Hamburgueria da Praça offers handmade burgers along with salads and even açaí cream. While there you can observe the daily life of downtown Porto through the windows that make up the restaurant's façade.

There are 10 on-site burgers. For the undecided, the house features the francesinha burger. Thus, it is possible to enjoy two delights in one. The average price of the dish served is € 8.

Address: Rua de Cedofeita, 382
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


With wooden tables and chairs in rustic tone and unique decoration, the BaixaBurguer presents 12 delicious hamburgers, as well as drinks, beers, coffee and dessert.

The burgers are made with 100% beef and there is the possibility of taking it home. The prices are affordable, since they vary between € 4.90 and € 7.30.

Address: Rua da Picaria, 89
Hours of operation: Every day, from 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Munchie: The Burguer Kitchen

Munchie features burgers with tasty, artisanal beef and crispy french fries. Creativity also takes time in a low space decorated with boxes on wooden pallets and small plants.

With a menu based on the seven deadly sins, hamburger prices are affordable and vary, costing at most € 7 (including hamburger, fries and drink). You can also buy a menu with a value of € 5.

Address: Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre, 177
Opening Hours: Every day from 12:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m

Bugo Art Burgers

If the variety of burgers is not enough, the Bugo Art Burgers also has a menu full of options, ranging from appetizers, to full menus and ending in varied desserts. With clean decor, the guest can sit at tables and chairs inside or outside the property.

The price of the menus at Bugo Art Burgers varies between € 7 and € 8.80. There are also special menus, with Black Angus or Tuna, which cost € 10.

Address: Rua de Miguel Bombarda, 598
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, from 12:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m and from 7:30 p.m to 11:00 p.m - Friday, from 12:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m and from 7:30 p.m to 12:00 p.m - Saturday, from 12:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m and from 7:30 p.m to 12:00 p.m - Closed on Sundays

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