Porto Tasty: @porto.come: a food instagram account from Porto

@porto.come: a food instagram account from Porto

You have no idea where to have lunch or dinner in Porto? Do not know what you can eat in the city? Follow this instagram account and keep your mouth watering.

The @porto.come account, created on May 7, 2016, has more than 15 thousand followers in the social network Instagram and more than 570 publications, so far.

It is managed by Bárbara, 17, who after discovering the profile @lisboa.come, created an instagram account, but in the version of its city, Porto. "I can not say the idea was entirely mine. I already wanted to create a page of food for some time, because I appreciate everything that is food," he admits. Still, it was all a hobby, so he never thought to reach "such great dimensions."

The process of selecting the photos is a result of the contributions of the users who use the hashtag #portopontecome and is made according to their personal tastes. Despite this, he always tries to diversify the visual offer and the range of choices for his followers. The feedback, this, has been "very positive" and "every day someone send a message, whether to ask for suggestions, send photos or even to congratulate."

Barbara admits that the instagram account works as a showcase for the gastronomy of Porto, for the dining spaces and for the city itself. "Today, due to the large number of daily views, I have idea that I publicize the city," she confesses to Porto Tasty.

Despite constantly discovering new restaurants and bars - after all, Porto is "trendy" - Barbara can not be peremptory to select a space of choice "because they are immense. Fortunately, nowadays, there are several restaurants. Of various cultures, inclusive."

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