Porto Tasty: Porto's Tradition: Easter Edition

Porto's Tradition: Easter Edition

Like in other countries, such as Brazil or Spain, Easter is also celebrated in Portugal, and is known as the feast of Christians in memory of the resurrection of Christ.

Just a few days before this holiday, the city of Porto floods the shelves and shop windows of its pastries and traditional houses with the most diverse varieties of sweets and other gifts that leave anyone with a mouth watering.

Porto Tasty could not ignore this holiday and asked the people of Porto and visitors of the city what is mandatory to have at the table in this special time.

Although there is no sweets or a dish that is characteristic of the city, it is at this point that the pão-de-ló, a variety of cake (fluffy and sweet), made from eggs, sugar and wheat flour, sees its sales increase. Despite being sold throughout the year, pão-de-ló is consumed, along with Christmas, with a greater frequency during this holiday.

Also the folar da Páscoa - a cake that, until some time ago, the godparents gave to their godsons or the parishioners to the parish priest - is consumed at this time. In addition, chocolate eggs, rabbit shaped sweets, chocolate almonds (and not only), cavacas or the traditional roasted lamb also adorn the Portuguese tables.

If you do not have the time to make your own sweets, then know that there are countless establishments in Porto where you can get your sweets and presents, such as the Casa NatalTavi - Confeitaria da FozConfeitaria Petúlia or Leitaria da Quinta do Paço.

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