Porto Tasty: Recipe : rojões à moda do Minho

Recipe : rojões à moda do Minho

Even though it is a typical recipe from Minho, it doesn't make it less famous around Portugal. Adopted by the people from Porto, it is a regional recipe and easily adaptable.

Ingredients (for 6 portions):
Rojões (pig's leg) in cubes 1300 g
Redenho q.b.
Tripa enfarinhada (pig intestin) 1
Boiled pig blood q.b.
Pig liver q.b.
Potatoes to roast 1500 g
Grease ou oil q.b.
Salt q.b.
Smashed garlic 6 teeth
Black pepper q.b.
White wine q.b.
Laurel 3 leafs

*Note: the amounts vary with the number of people.

How to:
First, you have to prepare the marinada, leaving the rojões and redenho marinating, preferably from a day to the other.
Put the grease covering the bottom of a spacy pot. Strain the marinada and add only the rojões, without the redenho.

Let it toughen slowly, stirring from time to time, adding white wine when necessary, never water. 
Put the redenho in a frying pan, without any grease (because it will leave out a lot). Keep turning it and let it golden. When it's ready, set it aside.

Meanwhile, put water in a pot, season it with salt and a laurel leaf and boil the blood together with the liver. The blood boils fast, so. ass soon as it's boiled, turn off the stove and keep it all in with the water.

Start roasting the potatoes and fry the tripa enfarinhada, cut in strips.

After the rojões are ready, take the blood and liver (the water can be used to make papas de sarrabulho), break it in pieces and add it to the rojões, same for the potatoes, the tripa enfarinhada and redenho. 

Finally. it is ready to serve, with seasoing to taste. Serve with dried rice and a lettuce salad.

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