Porto Tasty: Taberna do São Pedro: fresh fish just across the Douro

Taberna do São Pedro: fresh fish just across the Douro

By the feet of the Arrábida Bridge is São Pedro da Afurada, better known only as Afurada, a traditional fishing village in Vila Nova de Gaia, a town in Porto District.

Porto Tasty visited in this emblematic neighborhood Taberna do São Pedro (St. Peter’s Tavern), a traditional restaurant that serves very fresh fish and seafood in the best Portuguese style: grilled with salt, olive oil and finely chopped garlic.

Taberna de São Pedro (St. Peter's Tavern).
Braziers on the sidewalk.
The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy, the fish are prepared in braziers on the sidewalk and the tables on the sidewalk as well. However, the service and the less touristic movement offsets and brings a true climate of simple food in a simple space, but still friendly and cozy. Prices vary from 10 to 20€, and the dishes are accompanied with salad, boiled potatoes, parsley with olive oil and homemade breads, charged separately.

Green wine is very well suited to any order, and prices can also range from 5€ to 20€ , half or full bottle, respectively.

We recommend grilled salmon (10€), traditional sardines (15€), golden fish (15€), as well as shrimp and squids skewer (12.50€) among other fish in the restaurant’s menu. For dessert, crème brûlée (3€) with a thin caramelized crust made with the brazier.

Salmon, squids and shrimp.

Crème brûlée.

After your meal, it is possible to walk along the Douro river to Cais de Gaia and cross the Luis I Bridge to get to Ribeira in Porto, in a journey of approximately 30 minutes that passes through the Arrábida Bridge and Port Wine Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. A roadmap to be explored!

Arrábida Bridge.
Afurada neighborhood.
Taberna do São Pedro
Address: R. Vasco da Gama, 126 - São Pedro da Afurada, Vila Nova de Gaia.
Phone: +351 912 477 659

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