Porto Tasty: The 5 typical sandwiches to try in Porto

The 5 typical sandwiches to try in Porto

The city life can be very rushed and stressful. That's why, instead of a full meal, sometimes it's preferable to have something quick, but of good quality.
Porto Tasty offers you tthe best options for a quick bite that satisfy your stomach:

Pernil (Gammon)
The gammon is the thinnest part of the animals' leg. The roast pork gammon is the most used in sandwiches in the city of Porto. And, that's why you cannot miss this sandwich route. Lareira is one of the restaurants to visit to try this delicacy.


Pataniscas is a typical Portuguese dish, originating from the region of Estremadura. But, Porto is a master, above all, in codfish patanisca. In almost all the taverns, from Cedofeita to the Clérigos, there is a patanisca sandwich. In Lareira Restaurant, they are accompanied with friar beans.


The base of this sandwich is the alheira. A sausage whose main ingredients may be poultry meat, bread, olive oil, lard, garlic and paprika. The sandwich can be accompanied with egg. The Alheira used by the restaurant Lareira is from Mirandela. The Alheira de Mirandela was recognized as one of the 7 wonders of Portugal - Portuguese Gastronomy in the entry category, in September 2011.


Pica Pau (Woudpecker)
It's an unusual name. But the woodpecker is nothing less than meat (usually, veal steak cut to strips) and sausages usually seasoned with beer.


Ham with Serra cheese
For those who like good cheese, this is the best sandwich. The Serra da Estrela cheese is one of the oldest of Portuguese cheeses. It is made with sheep milk.

And so, we finish another delicious list. Continue to follow Porto Tasty, and soon we will give you more tips to take advantage of the best European destination.

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