Porto Tasty: Anti-restaurant in the center of Porto

Anti-restaurant in the center of Porto

Ever heard of a "non-restaurant" or "anti-restaurant"? In the heart of Porto, there is a space called 'O Casarão', where the 'A Restaurante' project is being held on May 26th. 

This is a weekly event reserved for 20 participants, that offers much more than a simple meal. All the participants are seated in two large tables, having the opportunity to meet and talk to new people. In addition, a new perspective on vegetarian cuisine is offered with the preparation of elaborate dishes.

Photo: O Casarão
For 8€, the menu includes:
- appetizers to the description;
- soup;
- main course;
- dessert and coffee.
(drinks sold separately)

'O Casarão' is a vegetarian and Brazilian non-restaurant, with an ample and cozy space renovated on the do-it-yourself basis. In addition to the gastronomic aspect, the space also functions as a rehearsal room and promotes occasional events that publicize the work of artists from Porto or that are passing through.

Photo: O Casarão
The anti-restaurant ensures a night of relaxation that will satisfy your appetite as well as a distinct gastronomic experience.

Reservations: ocasarao305@gmail.com 
Address:  Rua do Almada, 305

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