Porto Tasty: How to appreciate Port Wine

How to appreciate Port Wine

Port wine is a versatile drink and goes along well with various foods. Porto Tasty teaches you the many ways you can serve it.

Vintage Port Wines

For this type of port, walnuts, blue cheeses, and other cheeses of more intense flavor are a great accompaniment. Dried fruits such as apricots or figs are also a possibility. This is a rich wine with complex flavors. 

Tawny Port Wines 

This type of wine, served lightly refreshed, can be accompanied by cheese or with a delicious dessert, such as almond tart or a walnut pie. You can also accompany it with a beautiful apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. Port Tawny wines that are 10, 20, 30 and 40 years old have aromas of dried fruit, buttery caramel, and fine oak wood. The longer they are aged in wood, the more intense they become.  

Full bodied and fruity Port Wines

These wine qualities include Ruby Port wines, Porto Reserva wines and Late Bottled Vintage wines. Its flavors are also intense and reminiscent of cherry, blackberry, and blackcurrant. 

They are a good fit for the end of any meal and they can be enjoyed with a creamy Pont L'Evêque, a Brie de Meaux or a handmade Cheddar. If you prefer to accompany with sweets try a chocolate tart or black chocolate mousse with berries.

White Port Wines

They are wines made in the same way as conventional Port wines, except that white grapes are used instead of inks. On hot days, it can be accompanied by salted olives or almonds. Serving them fresh as an appetizer is the best option. 
In cold days they are good to drink with a hot soup, because they add an excellent depth.

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