Porto Tasty: Porto's Tradition: Bifana

Porto's Tradition: Bifana


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Bifana is a typical portuguese dish, with a big influence in Porto. In this northern city called "Invicta" by its habitants - which means a city that was never conquered by others - Bifana is not a pork steak but thinly sliced pork meat inside bread.

The Bifana is original from Alentejo region and it has more than 30 years of history. This sandwich was made for the first time in Vendas Novas, a city in Alentejo region. Vendas Novas  is every year the host and organizer of Bifana Festival ("Festival da Bifana" in Portuguese) and it is here where we can find the original Bifana.

It's not a regular Bifana. This one is made of pork steak cooked in a secret sauce. Usually, it's eaten as a sandwich with a kind of Portuguese bread called "Papo Seco", while the bread is still warm and crispy. Yes, it's a simple portuguese dish, but a delicious and tasty one.

Despite its simplicity, there are not so many restaurants that only dedicate themselves to the art of cooking Bifana.

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