Porto Tasty: #styleupyourfood: a workshop to learn how to photograph food

#styleupyourfood: a workshop to learn how to photograph food

Do you use the hashtag #foodporn on all food photos on your Instagram? Porto Tasty suggests a workshop that will help you photograph the dishes you love.

It's called Style Up Your Food and it takes place in Porto, May 13th, at 10am. The place is not yet known. The workshop, which takes place a week before in Lisbon, lasts 3 hours and is the result of a partnership between two blogs: Eat love with love and It's Up to You, by Samantha McMurray and Raquel Fortes: "This passion for healthy life brought us the idea of ​​creating a workshop where we share a love for healthy life and also our favorite recipes", we can read on the website.

According to Samantha and Raquel, this will be the second session of the "Forever Healthy Sessions" where the authors promise a conversation about healthy living "in a relaxed brunch, cooked and shared by all participants."

"We teach you to take good pictures of food using the right light, composition tricks and framing techniques, and we explain which edition is most suitable when shooting in a mobile environment in order to find the perfect photograph," they explain.

All recipes are vegetarian and the ingredients are gluten free, dairy free, unprocessed, no saturated fats and no added refined sugars. The workshop is limited and costs 35€.

To subscribe, get more information or leave your name on the waiting list, send an email to: workshops@its-uptoyou.com.

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