Porto Tasty: At this festival you can taste chef's dishes for € 4

At this festival you can taste chef's dishes for € 4

"The festival that makes food a spectacle!" This is how it is called the new Continente Food Festival, which will take place on July 1st and 2nd in the Parque da Cidade (Porto).

The event will count on the presence of 7 renowned chefs who will cook 7 different dishes of Portuguese food: Chef Marlene Vieira (Octopus à Lagareiro), Chef Hélio Loureiro (Tripas à Moda do Porto), Chef Justa Nobre (Açorda de Marisco) , Chef Juan Perret (Classic Ceviche de Robalo), Chef Manuel Almeida (Gomes de Sá Cod), Chef Miguel Gameiro (Black Cachaça Cataplana with Clams and Sweet Potatoes), Chef Kiko Martins (Shrimp Curry and Tufted Rice).

Chef's dishes will be available through a ticket system for sale in the park. Each ticket meal has a cost of € 4.00 and corresponds to a dish made in Chef's Kitchen.

The event will have a area of tapas, snacks and desserts from food trucks. It will also feature a wine market, cheeses and sausages, for tasting and sale. As a complementary area, the festival presents the experience 360 "The Art of Making Wine" and the workshops "Discovering the Essence of Wine" and "Harmonizing Cheeses and Wines" during the two days of the festival.

The showcookings (1 hour long) and the workshops (45 mins long) were also not forgotten and will be present at the most gastronomic weekend of July:

11:30 am Sandwiches and Summer Drinks | Luis Ginoulhiac
12:45 pm The Portuguese Healthy | Andreia Santos & Chef Hélio Loureiro
2:00 pm Chef Marlene Vieira
3:00 pm Continente Magazine | Chef Mariana Castello-Branco
4:00 pm Yämmi Recipes | Chef Miguel Gameiro
5:30 pm Seafood Açorda | Chef Justa Nobre

11:30 am New Products Vegetables | Luisa Guinoulhiac
12:45 pm Healthy breakfasts | Orange Lime Nutrition
2:00 pm Rude Health & Blogger | Nick Barnard
3:00 pm World Cuisine | Chef Kiko Martins
4:15 pm Recipes from Yämmi | Andreia Santos
5:30 pm Chef Vitor Matos

11:15 am Herbs, Plants and Medicinal Aromas
12:30 am Tips to receive friends at home
1:45 pm Cocktails (Saturday)
3:00 pm Summer Desserts
4:15 pm Fun Dishes for Kids (Saturday) | Tapas and Snacks (Sunday)
5:30 pm Healthy summer snacks
6:45 pm Foodphotography

The Continente Food Festival is a new concept that takes to the stage great names of national gastronomy and music. The complete program can be found here.

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