Porto Tasty: Crowne Plaza Porto celebrates St.John's tradition

Crowne Plaza Porto celebrates St.John's tradition

The Hotel Crowne Plaza Porto has entered the spirit of St. John and will organize, on June 23rd, a traditional buffet dinner to celebrate one of the most fun nights in the city.

Porto is filled with visitors and manjericos with popular verses. You hear the fireworks and the hammers through the city. It is St. John and the Crowne Plaza Hotel Porto could not fail to dress strictly for this party full of tradition. The program includes a buffet dinner at the Poivron Rouge restaurant and traditional Portuguese music.

The meal starts with a buffet of cold starters and salads with delicacies prepared especially for this date. Among the suggestions of Chef Jorge Sousa, you can taste the corn cakes stuffed with crab, mackerel trout, mussels with vinaigrette pepper sauce and duck roll with nori seaweed and wild arugula.

Following, come the hot entrances with snacks served in "pinch" to maintain the temperature and the traditional flavor. Among the dishes, we can delight ourselves with the rojões with floured casings, moelas stewed with spatula stick, sausages from the North, Marinheira mussels and cod pataniscas.

Then there is the night's specialty - grilled sardines - and other suggestions to make mouth watering, such as Lagareiro cod, mixed grilled meat and mini beef burger with crispy bacon and cheddar cheese.

Traditional bifanas and picanha with salt flower and Serrano ham will also be served.

Finally, a variety of desserts, between laminated fruit, Ovar's sponge cake, Murça's sky bacon and strawberry cheesecake. The ingredients are put together for a night filled with fun and flavors.

Price per person: 45.00€

Children: 0 to 4 – free; 5 to10 – 22.50€
(“Crowne Plaza” Drinks Included: Wine, Beer, Mineral Water, Soda)

Schedule: starts at 7.30 p.m.

Address: Avenida da Boavista, 1466 4100-114 Porto (map)

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