Porto Tasty: Éclairs from Leitaria da Quinta do Paço arrived at Vila do Conde

Éclairs from Leitaria da Quinta do Paço arrived at Vila do Conde

The new Leitaria da Quinta da Paço shop, the seventh of the brand, is located in one of the most pleasant spots in the city of Vila do Conde, Praça da República, near Rio Ave. This is the new store: composed of an area lounge, tables, bench with tall benches and a large terrace.

The Vila do Conde store, like other stores, opens to the public this Friday, June 30, and has an exclusive eclair: in this case, Éclair Carioca, inspired by a cake typical of the old recipes of the nuns of the Convento de Santa Clara, in the vicinity of the area. It has whipped cream and walnut cake and milk chocolate icing and icing coffee.

In addition, you can taste the new collection of Leitaria Berlin balls, filled with various flavors and toppings, launched this summer.

As for the other products that you can find here, they are the same ones that the Leitaria da Quinta do Paço has been marketing since 1920 in downtown Porto: cheese, butter and chantilly, sold by weight and, of course, the Éclaires that have made the brand famous as Éclair of milk chocolate, better known as the Éclair Clássico.

Éclair Clássico
The new store will also have bakery service, such as in the market space of Bom Sucesso, with its own production and cafeteria service where you can taste, among many other options, milkshakes, crepes, toast with butter and the jams of Leitaria , as well as light meals and natural juices.

Leitaria is also launching its own coffee, LQP Coffee, which will become available in all areas of the brand.

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