Porto Tasty: The São João Vegetariano is another São João in Porto

The São João Vegetariano is another São João in Porto

The initiative is from the portuguese political party People-Animals-Nature (PAN).The São João Vegetariano, organized since 2010 at Rua do Infante D. Henrique in Oporto, aims to be a healthy alternative to meat and fish dishes.

From 23 to 24 June, near to the Igreja de São Francisco, as has happened every year, and successfully, several food projects expose their products without ingredients of animal origin.

Capuchinho Verde, with totally homemade products and, whenever possible, using local natural products, is just one of several projects that will be present, similar to BemBom, an online store of traditional vegan food products, or Pitéu Verde, with sweet and savory dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The Associação Vegetariana Portuguesa will also be present at the event, such as Vegan Doces e Salgados VeganosAliança AnimalCozinhar IdeiasEspaço PortalDespertar da SensibilidadeEspaço Portal, among others.

It is recalled that, more and more, there are a growing number of portuguese who have a vegetarian diet. The inclusion of a vegetarian option in all public canteens, such as school and university canteens, hospital units, prisons, among others, was approved in Parliament in March this year.

Art by Francisco Mota/Associação Vegetariana Portuguesa

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