Porto Tasty: A Lojinha do Leitão takes you to Portuguese origins

A Lojinha do Leitão takes you to Portuguese origins

Right before the corner between Ceuta Street and Almada Street, A Lojinha do Leitão is a fresh new restaurant dedicated to the Portuguese infamous piglet sandwiches, guaranteeing a tasty lunch in the most natural way.

Piglet sandwiches were always from the most traditional dishes in Portugal. Its tender and juicy meat, soaked in a special gravy, turns this snack into a flavourful meal, listed through many establishments specialized in this kind of food. Actually, piglet sandwich restaurants are growing at a fast pace in the Portuguese main cities, making it able for both inhabitants and foreigners to enjoy the snack.

Located on a former leather goods store, A Lojinha do Leitão opened last month and is determined to serve "high quality roasted piglet". Sónia Vide, one of the entrepreneurs, says that their main goal is to offer the city a "natural option, without any food additives".

What makes us different from other piglet sandwich restaurants is our completely natural food making process.

From perfectly controlled animal creation to the final product, roasted in wood stoves, the restaurant main goal is to embrace Portuguese gastronomical identity. "A lot of restaurants use imported meat, whose quality may not be ensured", says Sónia. "So, our own food making process is what can differentiate us from other establishments".

Although the restaurant is only one month old, it is actually a new project from a food industry company, Uniagri, founded in 1974. With a modern, simple and cozy decoration, an expansion is not an immediate plan, as this is only their first restaurant. 

From these first times, this piglet lovers spot has registered a great feedback from their clients. So far, in this Porto corner you may ask for the traditional piglet sandwich or for a dish of the same meat, both joined by crisps or salad. For a complete meal, the client can also dip their lips in a hot soup.

What if you want to take this delicious snacks for a trip or a party with friends? No problem. A Lojinha do Leitão has a take-away service, so you can enjoy their flavors anytime, anywhere in Porto.

Piglet sandwich with crisps and a drink (€6,00)
Piglet on a dish with crisps and a drink (€6,00)
Piglet sandwich (€5,00)
Crisps (€0,50)
Soup (€1,50)
Piglet for take-away (€25,00/kg)

Rua do Almada, 213, Porto
910 640 243
Metro: Yellow Line (D) - Aliados Station
Any other line - Trindade Station

Monday to Thursday: 11 am until midnight
Fridays and Saturdays: 11 am until 2 am
Closed on Sundays

Photography: Camila Ribeiro Moutinho

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