Porto Tasty: Porto: Sting dined at the ''most beautiful restaurant in the world''

Porto: Sting dined at the ''most beautiful restaurant in the world''

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Sting was one of the headliners of the 15th MEO Marés Vivas festival and, like all artists, made only one demand: to arrive a day earlier to visit Porto.

According to PÚBLICO, the musician walked around Porto last Saturday night and dined at the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, by chef Rui Paula, who occupies one of the buildings of Siza Vieira's work.

"It is the most beautiful restaurant in the world," said the founder of the Police band, marveling at the backdrop of cliffs and sea that fits the building.

The singer will have arrived at the restaurant, in Leça da Palmeira, at the exact time of the reservation, which surprised the chef Rui Paula, dententor of a Michelin star, who was absent. "I hope he left some food for me in the fridge," Sting joked.

According to the newspaper, Sting dined at a table facing the sea, in the smaller room, precisely where the proximity to the cliffs and the sea is greater. He chose the eight-course degustation menu, in which Rui Paula conjugates proposals of fish and meat representative of our gastronomic traditions, and chose a good Douro wine, which the chef's spokesman chose not to identify. "

In the end, the musician greeted the team and photographed the moment, which he shared later this Sunday on Twitter.

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