Porto Tasty: There is everything in Theatro - except the theater

There is everything in Theatro - except the theater

In Theatro you can have lunch or dinner at the restaurant, serve yourself by the wine bar area, see art and buy a book at the bookstore. And still update your social networks with an insta picture.

The first reaction that Alberto Bago had when he entered the old gas shop, where Theatro now stands, was that the space could be a bookstore, although he was aware that "in a city such as Póvoa de Varzim, the bookstore would have no chance of surviving solely with books." With the contribution of some trips and readings, he noticed that, increasingly, big companies combine reading and food, and therefore, the idea was to sediment the space in a restaurant.

With the collaboration of his brother, Eduardo Bago, with the desire in restaurant sector, partner Luis Milhazes, who "had the dream of a restaurant and wines", and Jaime Oliveira, Theatro was born in Póvoa de Varzim. "There was a combination of several completely different interests here, but they married wonderfully well, that is, the bookstore turns out to be the genesis of all of this, but what creates this concept are the interests of each one of us," Alberto Bago says.

The first activity that took place in the current Theatro was, as you can easily guess, a theater. It was the first theater built in brick, since the theaters that existed were, until then, made out of wood. However, the space has had other occupations: a confectionery factory, a military barracks and, in recent years, a gas warehouse.

Although all partners, except for Jaime, had management training - essential for the investment in this project - they considered that "self-advocacy could go wrong" and then, initially, used external consultancies to identify strengths and weaknesses in the investment.

Although it isn't a usually crowded street, the consultants were not aware, for example, of the "surplus value" of the adjacent Rua da Junqueira or the meager 200 meters separating the new space from the Garrett Cinema Theater. So, between some advances and retreats, they stopped listening to so many experts and followed their instincts, since they were from the city and, more than anyone else, they knew the strengths and needs that could fill it.

Theatro, Póvoa de Varzim, Restaurant, Wine Bar, Art Gallery, BookStore
Wine Bar
Practically unchanged, keeping the four original walls, and reconstruction replicating what existed "to bring excellence and beauty of the building," was born on March 22, 2017 the Theatro with "th" old fashioned, composed by a restaurant, a wine bar, a bookstore and an art gallery. The inspiration for the decoration, "the fault of two young architects of the city", was dominated by maxims that aspired to space as "cozy", "trendy" and with a factory air.

The adhesion has been "highly surprising", confesses the manager Alberto Bago who, unlike the other partners, always thought that it would be the bookstore to attract people to the restaurant, not the other way around. "We're working much better as a restaurant," he admits.

In Theatro, the audience is vast, much to the surprise of managers who initially thought of a "determined target" that could be very well-marked. "The big surprise for us was the reach. We have very beautiful situations with 19-20 year-old people having dinner next to people with 85 year-olds and that is the most valuable thing in this space. "

Theatro, Póvoa de Varzim, Restaurant, Wine Bar, Art Gallery, BookStore
Beers and Snacks Menu
Theatro, Póvoa de Varzim, Restaurant, Wine Bar, Art Gallery, BookStore
The varied menu is at the responsibility of chef Pedro Oliveira
The imposing facade already made the Theatro, even long before opening, an expensive space, which, for Eduardo Bago, doesn't really happen. "We have completely normal prices. For example, we have the executive menu at € 7.5 which is a banal price and even the prices of the menu aren't high or luxury restaurant prices. "

The varied menu is at the responsibility of chef Pedro Oliveira who seems to know what both young and old people like. Currently the cod and octopus dishes are the most requested, but the menu offers more fish and meat dishes, vegetarian options, burgers, tapas and, in the middle of the afternoon, snacks, never falling into the "exaggeration" of having too many options. "Here we wanted a menu not too long, but that can please everyone," says Eduardo Bago.

As for the gallery, and already with a full agenda for the next months, the space also offers painting, sculpture and photography exhibits.

For those who want to have a drink at night but don't want to go to a club "hear loud beats" and take with "psychedelic lights", Theatro can be a great option. And if your friends don't come for dinner but show up there, you don't have to be intimidated anymore because they didn't eat at the restaurant. Now you can meet them at the wine bar for a glass of wine, coffee or gin.

Coffee (€0,70)
Beer (€1,20)
Chocolate mousse with crunchy peanuts (€ 3.60)
Panna cotta of wild fruits (€ 4)
Goat cheese ice cream with Port wine reduction (€ 4)
Prego of the loin (€ 5,50)
Dish of three montaditos (€ 6,90 )
Hamburger breast (€ 8,90)
Quinoa Risotto with vegetables from the vegetable garden (€ 9,90)
Octopus to the "lagareiro" with dry tomato and crunchy onion (€ 14,90)
Cheeks of black pork with cheese puree and onion compote purple (€ 14,90)
Cod with crumble of broa (€ 15,90)

Rua Santos Minho 10, Póvoa de Varzim
252613824 | 918 803 798
Metro: Red Line (Póvoa de Varzim)

Tuesday to Thursday: 10am to midnight.
From Friday to Saturday: 10am to 2am.
Sunday: 10am to midnight.
Closed on Monday.

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