Porto Tasty: This community breakfast is good for coworkers

This community breakfast is good for coworkers

In order to promote networking among the coworkers of the various spaces, but also to create a connection with the adjacent community, being open to anyone who wants to participate, local or just arrived in the city, came the Porto i/o Breakfast.

As its name suggests, it is literally a breakfast, with the cost of 3.5 € / person, which is rotated in each of the spaces, once a month, thus creating an original meeting place and a new way of discover new ideas, meet creative minds and startups and make friends in Porto.

Created by Nuno Veloso, Porto i /o is a coworking space, which is located in three points of the city - Baixa, Ribeira and Matosinhos -, thus being the largest digital hub in the city. Coworking is characterized by the sharing of the same space, resources, experiences and ideas.

If you are curious about this breakfast and want to know more, check the official website, the Facebook of Porto i/o or via hello@porto.io.

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