Porto Tasty: Bom Sucesso gets a new taste for Badalhoca sandwiches

Bom Sucesso gets a new taste for Badalhoca sandwiches

Bom Sucesso has just unveiled their new family member. Taxca is set to share with its visitors the famous Badalhoca ham sandwiches and, of course, a taste of the traditional Portuguese tascas.

The tascas are one of the things that make Porto a genuine destination. Being true to itself, a tasca breathes the city's character and most traditional gastronomy, sometimes proving to be more welcoming than any other sophisticated restaurant. However, time flies and society evolves, with these flavorful corners being no exception. Taxca is a part of this new concept of modern tascas, engaging both innovation and tradition.

Last Saturday, August 19th, the Bom Sucesso market welcomed Taxca. With 26 seats, the restaurant serves from the most delicious Portuguese snacks and dishes, such as bifanas, rojões, panados, papas de sarrabulho and pork ear. And, of course, ham sandwiches. Its decoration is well recognizable, with a strong presence of wood and metal material.
Taxca first opened at Picaria street, downtown Porto. Photography: José Magalhães/A Viagem dos Argonautas
The Badalhoca ham sandwich and Taxca are not new to Porto, though. The sandwich is a well known snack from the Tasca da Badalhoca, in one of the city's neighborhoods, Ramalde. Tiago Sequeira was one of its regular customers and a fan of its carefully made ham sandwiches. His love for the snack never lost its strength, even when he moved to downtown Porto. In 2013, Tiago and Hélio Sequeira opened Taxca, at Picaria street. Still, their connection with the tasca from Ramalde was far from over: most of their meat supplies are from the original Tasca da Badalhoca, in a partnership made with its owner, Maria de Lurdes.

Bom Sucesso is now the home for their next move. Part of a modern market concept, it gathers a diversity of traditional and avant-garde meals and restaurants. Taxca is ready to please its customers with yet another great option when it comes to savoring another simple but flavorful piece of Portuguese gastronomy.


Opened every day:
10am to 11pm (until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays)
Bom Sucesso Square (Boavista), Porto
226056610 | Facebook @ Taxca

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