Porto Tasty: Frankie hot dogs next stop: Porto

Frankie hot dogs next stop: Porto

Foto: TimeOut

From Lisbon downtown to Saldanha, the next stop of the famous Frankie hot dogs it will be in Invicta, in Almada's street.
The opening will take place in September, and this is will be the third restaurant in Portugal.

The concept was originally made up in 2015, when Gonçalo Teixeira, the manager, opened the first restaurant in Campo Grande (Lisbon).

This new space is already being planed and the king of the house is - of course - the hot dog, although you can choose wraps, corn dogs, salads, onion rings, home-made lemonades, teas and the home-made desserts which change day by day. 

With a student menu for 5€ and one for kids for 4€, the menu is different in each restaurant, being made some changes at the recipes or at the fillings. 

Receiving more and more national and international tourists, Frankie made come true their dream of opening a restaurant in Porto. Next stop? Braga and Lisbon, for the third time.

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