Porto Tasty: From the wood oven to the table

From the wood oven to the table

This is not an ordinary restaurant, here the vast majority of plates go to a wood oven before they reach the table and Porto Tasty ensures that it makes all the difference!

The Manjar Quinta da Pena Restaurant is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, in Perosinho and its distinguishing feature is that most of the dishes are cooked in a wood oven and served in clay plates.

The wood-fired ovens

The menu of the restaurant follows some traditional plates, but with the characteristic of the wood-fired oven, such as Bacalhau Manjar Quinta da Pena, Bacalhau Lagareiro, Francesinha, Pizzas, among others.

Pizza 4 Stations

Porto Tasty recommends Francesinha, who has the choice of potato accompaniment, the entrance of Paté de Atum, Posta Manjar Quinta da Pena, Steak to the Chef and Pizza 4 Stations.

Paté de Atum

Posta Manjar Quinta da Pena
- Contact - 22 786 0890
- Adress - Rua Estádio da Pena, 161, Vila Nova de Gaia

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