Porto Tasty: Rivoli Cinema Hostel: your room according to your favorite movie

Rivoli Cinema Hostel: your room according to your favorite movie

Photo: Joana Gaio Photography

Rivoli Cinema Hostel is the first thematic hostel in Portugal. It was considered one of the best small hostels in 2010 and 2011 by the Hoscars.

Placed in downtown Porto, the Rivoli Cinema Hostel has everything around it: the Aliados subway station is 1 minute away, and others ways to traveling, such as táxis, buses and sightseeing bus are also close. But why travel more when you can see everything just by going outside the door?

The hostel is located right in the Historic Center of the city and there are a lot of bookshops, stores and monuments. This also is one of the most cultural part of the city, where you can find various galleries, cinemas and theaters just by crossing the street. 

Rivoli Cinema Hostel
You can pick a room according to your favourite movie or movie-director
Photo: HostelWorld

And speaking of theatre and cinema: did you know you can can pick your room based on your favorite movie-director or movie? Well, the Ravioli Cinema Hostel it's the first portuguese thematic hostel where you can find 14 rooms with 14 correspondent movies.

Tim Burton, Tarantino, Almodovar, Wes Anderson, Manoel de Oliveira, Steven Spielberg and Sofia Coppola are some of the many directors that gave a specific style to a room or to a shared area.

Rivoli Cinema Hostel
Every part of the hostel is themed
Photo: HostelWorld
With 14 rooms, you can choose to stay in a single, double, twin, triple or quadruple room.

It also has 6 shared restrooms, 8 shared showers, a kitchen where breakfast is served and where you can cook, a lounge where you can relax and enjoy some activities and an outside area, where you can party and have a barbecue - an excellent opportunity for chatting with other guests, don't you think?

Rivoli Cinema Hostel
On the lounge your can surf on the internet, play PlayStation, read a book or just enjoy one of your favourite movies
Photo: Joana Gaio Photography

The prices are not fixed they depend on the type of room and on the season, but the minimum is around 19€ per night. (The prices can be checked on this platform.)

The hostel has free Wi-Fi access in every room and you can rent a towel for 2€. You also have a laundry service for the price of 6€, luggage storage and you can also rent a parking car for the price of 9€ per day. 

Important information:

Adress: Rua Dr. Magalhães Lemos, 83 / 4000-332 Porto - Portugal
E-mail: rivolicinemahostel@gmail.com
Telephone: 00351-220174634 / 00351-968958637
GPS: +41° 8' 50.94", -8° 36' 35.72"

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