Porto Tasty: Tasty District: the police garage that turned into a food court

Tasty District: the police garage that turned into a food court

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The desire to create a new meeting place in the city gave rise to the District Offices and Lifestyle. Directed to business, it was always the intention of its owners to create something "different and innovative" in the city.

The building, with 55 companies installed, has two distinct areas with services open to the public: one of commerce and another of restaurant sector, the the last called Tasty District. In addition to "giving life" to the former garages of the Public Security Police (PSP), the Tasty District promises to bring diversity. "There are 9 different concepts to explore, to serve all tastes and moments, with extended hours to provide solutions in various moments of consumption," explains Mariana Ramos, director of marketing and communication.

Exceeding expectations, all spaces were leased still in plan, which can be explained, according to Mariana, by the dynamics of that part of the city. "This huge demand gave us scope to select the catering projects according to what we wanted for the Tasty District - differentiation and quality, which were our main criteria," she said.

In the Tasty District you can taste japanese food from JAPO, wine by the glass from the Wine@District, hamburgers and hotdogs from Burguer&Co or the francesinha and meats from Português de Raça. The healthiest food is run by Oreggin and the crepes and ice cream from Maria Palito. Chips are the responsibility of the Walkin'Chips. If you are a fan of traditional portuguese pastries you can go to Segafredo or drink the craft beers or the cocktails from the Penguin Café.

The goal is to have different spaces, but at the same time complementary ones. "This allowed us to have spaces dedicated to the cult of meat, healthy food, fish and sushi, among others," she says.

The Tasty District is open every day at the following times: from Sunday to Thursday, from 12:00 to 00:00, and Friday, Saturday and the eve of holidays, from 12:00 to 02:00, and is located on Augusto Rosa Street, 39, 4000-098, Porto, side by side with the Teatro Nacional São João and the Praça da Batalha.

According to Mariana, the balance has been positive. "We have felt that the Tasty District has attracted many tourists but also the local community, which allows us to create a loyal clientele that comes and goes and brings new friends," she concludes.

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