Porto Tasty: Porto, Hawaii has arrived into the city

Porto, Hawaii has arrived into the city

Right in the heart of the city, Honolulu Coffee has landed with all the hawaiian flavors. With the famous poke bowls, the place serves also brunches, meals, desserts and a whole array of mouthwatering options.

It's on Rua dos Bragas that we find all the hawaiian flavors. With a fresh and innovative concept on the city, Maria Fernandes and Cristina Araújo never went to Hawaii, but pictures, flowers and colorful necklaces are all around the place: that's how we know we are at Honolulu Coffee Shop & Comfort Food.

In statements to NiT, Cristina Araújo tells us that her managing partner knows already the field and that the ideia of the concept went out because of a friend who talked about an empty place. "We decided to use this different concept and create a new and different environment"

Fotografia: Honolulu Facebook
The menu includes the famous poke bowls - a plate that's made with raw fish -, american cheesecake, hibiscus, used in infusions, and haupia, a traditional coconut milk-based hawaiian desert.

The costumer can also ask for a big variety of toasts with 4 different types of bread made on time - and served with avocato also - coffee, pastry, salty and sweet tapioca, oatmeal, açaí and waffles without sugar and gluten.

Lunches from Monday to Saturday, yet, are portuguese. Since feijoada à transmontana, francesinha, bacalhau à Brás and other Portuguese specialties, the menu includes the meal, drinks, desert of the day and coffee, all of this for 6€.

The space has opened on 15th of August, on number 58 of Rua dos Bragas. On working days, the dinner can only be served by take-away (07:30-19:30h), while on Saturday there's time to enjoy a typical hawaiian night until 00:00h.

Foto: Honolulu Facebook

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