Porto Tasty: The Tapas Route has begun

The Tapas Route has begun

The 10th Tapas Route is back to Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Faro, having started last September 21 and is running until October 8.

In this new edition of the Tapas Route, which is considered a worldwide event of the Estrella Damm beer brand, around 100 restaurants are located in the historical zones of the cities where it takes place, from Baixa de Faro to Ribeira do Porto, Sé de Braga, Cais do Sodré and Príncipe Real.
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One tapa and a Estrella Damm beer (0.25l) will cost 3€, as in previous editions. Participants in this edition of the Tapas Route can make the route on foot, cycling or taking advantage of the tuk tuk ride. To do this, simply stamp the official map in one of the participating restaurants.
Font: Facebook Estrella Damm
The premiere of the Tapas Route was first held in Lisbon in 2013 and since then has spread to other cities of Portugal. In the 9th edition arrived in Faro, in Algarve, which began in May, already the 10th edition that started on the 21st of this month takes place in the four cities simultaneously.
There are still 2 weeks to the end of this route, so do not miss this event where the restaurants of the different cities will show the best of gastronomy.

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