Porto Tasty: Arcádia chocolates are opening two new stores in Porto

Arcádia chocolates are opening two new stores in Porto

Arcádia is about to get two new stores in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. The chocolate brand is renewing its sweet image and expanding to the ice-cream market. 

Arcádia is one of the most traditional chocolate stores in Porto. Its flavor is well known by the citizens and they are ready to expand it. Beira-Rio Market, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and Bom Sucesso Market, in Porto, were the chosen places for these new openings, set to happen in the next month. Down south, Lisbon (Parque das Nações) and Loulé (MAR Shopping Algarve) are also getting to taste some of Arcádia's finest flavors. This expansion is also a part of a new investment. These four new stores will also be able to produce and sell ice-creams, a result of a recent partnership with Gianfausto Pellegrinetti.

Future Arcádia stores want to provide wider comfort and a greater sense of modernity. Picture: Arcádia.

"Future Arcádia stores represent a new step from the brand, which is a synonym of greater modernity, comfort and offer: chocolate, coffee, almonds, pastry and ice-cream", said João Bastos, Arcádia's CEO.

Until 2020, the rest of the stores will also have the same changes. The main goal is to renew all of them, as to bring "a new image, brighter, lighter and that may give greater comfort". João Bastos, the company's CEO and the founder's grandson, said that "it continues to guarantee its sweetness and the same fabric process, but now with a space that reflects what we want to be the process of an amazing future for the brand, which may surprise our customers and, above all, may give them innovating experiences". 

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