Porto Tasty: Burgers and Mussels in Miragaia

Burgers and Mussels in Miragaia

With an ideal location and with an even better menu, at Backson's Fine Burgers and Mussels in Miragaia you can find burgers, mussels and much more.

Going to Backson's means finding the comfort of typical American food while sharing a meal with the coast mussels, giving a great emphasis on the restaurant structure, since we are dealing with typical stone arches of the old district of Miragaia, Porto. 

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The combination of burgers and mussels is unusual, but at Backson's Fine Burgers and Mussels, you can find this and more. The price varies, there are dishes from 5.50€ as "fried mussels with mustard and mango" up to 9.90€ as "cheese plate" with 4 types of local cheese. Also, the 4 dishes that are the specialty are between 10.90€ and € 13.90€. 

The mussels can be served over spicy, as most exotic, and the price for the 6 types is € 9.90 each. There are also two types of hamburgers, with 180 and 360 grams of meat, ranging from 7.50€ to 13.90€.

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Adress: Rua de Miragaia, 54, Porto (Miragaia)
Contact: 223 196 911

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