Porto Tasty: My Port Wine Day: a wine for each cheese

My Port Wine Day: a wine for each cheese

Port Wine is for sure the city's best gift to anyone who visits it. Quinta do Crasto makes sure it tastes even better with the perfect cheese nearby.

Quinta do Crasto has been a wine company since the 17th century and they have always worked for a better experience for their clients. Port Wine is no exception and at this month's edition of "my Port Wine day", the visitors had the opportunity to taste from their best products, alongside some of the finest Portuguese cheese.

For the first round, a 1998 Tawny pleased the guests with a suave and sweet taste, due to its age. Kept at 12 to 14 degrees for just about 10 to 15 minutes, the cool wine was at its best when served. Alongside the main drink, a consistent S. Jorge cheese would softly mix with the wine's flavor.

In the second round, 2012 Late Bottled Vintage presented a stronger and more consistent wine, easily identified. Its fruity flavor shows a greater impact thanks to its young age. This time, the wine would combine with an almost-melting Azeitão cheese.

Quinta do Crasto presented two flavorful harmonizations to its guests, proving that "for each cheese, there's a wine". The Douro and Porto Wine Institute (IVDP) hosts "my Port Wine day" once every month, since two years ago. Port Wine companies are invited to show their best offers in a creative, different and, of course, tasty way.

Photography: Eduardo Ribeiro

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