Porto Tasty: There is a new beer house in downtown Porto

There is a new beer house in downtown Porto

The Bierhaus is the new space of the group The Gin House and is dedicated to the segment of beers with a focus on crafts and Portuguese.

A beer house, for sure is the motto of the new bar with the German name that opened two weeks ago in Rua Cândido dos Reis. The Bierhaus is a recent gamble by the group The Gin House completely dedicated to craft and national beer products.

Photo: Bierhaus (Facebook)
The house has a partnership with Bohemia that belongs to Sagre, but you can opt for a wide selection of draft or bottled beers. 
The handcrafted and portuguese brands are also present as Sovina, Maldita, Musa, Topaz and Letra. 
As for the foreign beers you can find the most common ones like Heineken or Guiness and other more exotic like Islandña. Cider is an option if you want to vary.

Photo: observador.pt
The Bierhaus also offers various snacks such as cheese and sausage boards, national preserves (cod, tuna, sardines and salmon) and specialties of the house served in glass jars such as lupins made from Madeira, olives, spicy sausage or cheese from the island.

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