Porto Tasty: Capela Incomum: a space dedicated to Portuguese wines

Capela Incomum: a space dedicated to Portuguese wines

A chapel where you can drink wine while listening to jazz, blues and bossa nova? Yes it does exist, it's called Capela Incomum in Porto, an old chapel that has been transformed into a wine bar.

An old chapel from the 19th century, inside a small building that would normally go unnoticed, has gained a new life and is now a wine bar with the name of Capela Icomum.

Francisca Lobão, owner of the space, discovered the space and fell in love with the history of that house and the unusual feature found inside: a chapel. After a year of remodeling it opened in February 2016.

The menu consists of white, red, rosé, sparkling wine and port wine. There are about 70 references, all Portuguese, among them the privileged areas are the Douro and Minho. A glass of wine can be between 3€ and 4,5€ and the bottle between 10€ and 50€.

As well as being able to taste the wines here, you can also learn something about them, while serving customers, employees are keen to tell the origins of the wines. Each wine has a taste guide that explains how to taste, smell, analyze the color and characteristics of each one, with the help of a wheel of aromas, that describes all the flavors.

This bar is ideal for small groups and couples, the aim of Francisca Lobão was to create a home and traditional space that distinguishes itself from other bars. The space also has a terrace for days of good weather.

For those who are not wine lovers, there are more options like beer, tea or whiskey, but the recommendations are all based on wine, for example Red tonic port (€ 4). To accompany the drinks you can ask for cheese and sausage boards, plus bruschettas, curd cheese with pumpkin and chocolate mousse (€ 4,50€ to 7,50€).

On Thursdays, every fortnight, there is fado in Capela Icomum.

Phone: 936 129 050
Email: geral@capelaincomum.pt
Schedule: Monday to Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. till 12:00p.m., Thursday to Saturday from 4:00 p.m. till 02:00 a.m.. Closed on Sundays 

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