Porto Tasty: Italian sandwiches in Porto? Yes

Italian sandwiches in Porto? Yes

Piadona, Porto, La Piadona,

"La Piadona" is the name of the new Italian restaurant in centre of Porto. With fresh ingredientes of High quality, the main goal is to  make the clients feel like they are in Italy.

Is called "piadina" and it's the main product of "La Piadona" that has arrived now to Porto. Originally from the Italian province of Romagna, "la piadina" it's kind of a healthy fast food made with ham parma dop, bresaola, grana badano, parmegiano, mozzarella de búfala and many other ingredients, all of this inside a flat bread in the shape of a very thin disc.

With already 2 restaurants in Pisa (Italy), "La Piadiona" has arrived now to Santa Teresa Street, in Porto. 

With capacity for 35 people, the main goal is to  make the clients feel like they are in Italy, once that all of the products are imported directly from this country.

In addition to the salty piadinas, the local offers yet the possibility to try piadinas with Nutella, peanut butter or jelly. One experience that, certainly, all the greedy ones will enjoy.

The restaurant is closed on Mondays, but to try the piadinas you can go between the 12p.m and 2a.m (Tuesdays to Saturdays) and 4p.m to 2a.m at Sundays. 

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