Porto Tasty: Where to celebrate Magusto in Porto

Where to celebrate Magusto in Porto

When wandering around in Porto, you may see a lot of steaming in the crowded streets. Well, that's because we're roasting some chestnuts, ready for Magusto!

Legend says that, on a cold rainy winter day, Saint Martin was horseback riding when he found a beggar. Seeing him trembling from the coolness, he covered him with half of his cape, cut with his sword. Immediately after this, all of the black clouds vanished and it turned to a sunny weather for three days.
So as to celebrate this miracle, in Portugal, we eat chestnuts in its most varied ways. Magusto is just around the corner and we're here to help you find three of the best spots to be spending it:

Letraria - Craft Beer Garden

At the Alegria Street, they're offering a great afternoon with friends, beer and lots of chestnuts. Just for this occasion, Letra craft beer has created a special edition: a Brown Ale with chestnut, honey and cinnamon. They'll be showcasing this beauty from 5 pm to 2 am this Saturday (November 11th).

Magusto at Soundwich

Soundwich guarantees you that you'll spend a Magusto with a background soundtrack. Besides caldo verde (traditional soup), jeropiga (alcoholic drink) and chestnuts, at the Parque Avenue you may hear the Valentim de Carvalho Jazz Orchestra for free! So, if you want to relax a bit with a spoonful of jazzy vibes, join Soundwich this Saturday afternoon, from 4pm until 8pm.

S. Martinho at La Vie mall

This next Saturday, the mall will be offering a pack of chestnuts, a glass of Porto Cruz Wine and, for a sweet finale, a chestnut sugarplum. So if you're willing for a shopping spree but want to enjoy Magusto at the same time, you may find this option way more appealing. "C'est La Vie", right?

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