Porto Tasty: Porto’s Tradition: Francesinha

Porto’s Tradition: Francesinha

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It was Daniel David Silva, a Portuguese immigrant in France, that created one of the most famous dishes of Porto.

Applying his knowledge of French cuisine, he designed this snack, which is based on the recipes of croque-madame (a mixed toast with starry egg), croque-monsieur (a mixed toast with white sauce and Dijon mustard) and the sauce welsh rarebit (known to be spicy.)

In 1953, francesinha entered the history of the city, when Abrantes Jorge, owner of the restaurant “Regaleira”, who was in love with the snack, offered to make Daniel a partner in his restaurant. 

For the creator of this dish, the ingredients were very important, because they can make or break the result. Francesinha includes: hot sauce, bread, ham, fresh sausage, beef or roast beef, sausage, and cheese. The real secret of francesinha is in the sauce and nobody ever reveals it.

Regarding the name “francesinha” it is said that when he arrived to Porto, Daniel thought that Porto’s women were very conservative and reserved. He always used to say that the hottest women that he ever met was French, and because of that he decided to give this characteristic name to his invention. 

After his death, one of the workers of the restaurant “Regaleira” decided to take the recipe to Restaurante Mucaba, in Gaia, in 1963. Thus, begins the expansion of the francesinha as a milestone of the gastronomy of Porto.

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