Porto Tasty: The inauguration of the new Manteigaria in Porto

The inauguration of the new Manteigaria in Porto

Yesterday, July 13, was the inauguration of the new Manteigaria that opened in downtown Porto. This new Manteigaria is located near the Bolhão Market and is a partnership with Delta Q.

This opening party was held in the renovated store of Delta Q, now also with a shared space dedicated to the specialty of Manteigaria, more precisely at Rua Alexandre Braga and Porto Tasty couldn't miss!

This new and renovated space is distinguished by the ovens and space where pastéis de nata are made, which are later served from the sound of a bell touching each batch of pastries. It should also be noted that it is possible to see the manufacture of each pastel from the street, as well as inside the store.

Yesterday was also marked by the offer of coffee and natas, the presence of a DJ, the workshop with two baristas and the great adherence and presence of tourists and residents in Porto, as well as elements of the media.

A great suggestion for a short break. Do not miss this new space.

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